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What is Margarine and what are the benefits?

Twenty years ago, people supposed butter as an enemy. What was the reason? Because this material could lead to an increase in cholesterol level and probable cardiovascular diseases. But these days everything changes and butter plays a significant role in cooking. Also it is an important ingredients of breakfast. Then what is the reason of this change? Is it scientific? Actually the structure of the butter is the key. Butter oil and margarine.

The qualification and application of Margarin

However, there are some disagreements about the effect of butter oil on health among the researchers, all of them agree that the saturated fatty acids available in butter oils are harmful for human health particularly the heart. So it is better to find a substitution without saturated oil. Vegetable oils or margarines lack saturated oils, instead they are full of semi-saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. But these kind of oils are different and have various applications.

Choosing the best Margarine

Margarine has grown in popularity in recent years. Therefore, the consumption of Margarine was more than the butter oil in many countries. This is the reason of an increase in margarine production as well as different available kinds of margarine. On the other hand, this variation might lead to a confusion and difficulty in making decision for consumers. In the following, we review the important points for buying a Margarine.