Margarine 250 g (cup)

Margarine 250 g suitable for use in cooking a variety of foods as well as in cakes and pastries

Margarine 250 g (foil)

Margarine 250 g (foil) for breakfast and also for cooking

Foil family of Margarine

Claudia Margarine Foil Family Includes Different Dimensions of Margarine for Different Consumers

Margarine 10 g (formseal)

Margarine 10 g (formseal) suitable for use in restaurants

Why do we like Claudia?

Pleasant taste

A new taste in your food table

Pleasant taste

High Quality

Our permanent guarantee

High Quality

Nutritional health

Say goodbye to cholesterol

Nutritional health

        High blood cholesterol is related to diseases such as hypothyroidism, hepatic and adrenal disease, diabetes, Chronic Renal failure, obesity etc. Also, hyperlipidemia could be a primary symptom and indicates no other disease. In order to define the hyperlipidemia, triglyceride and cholesterol were measured. Usually the high level of cholesterol is a more serious symptom of disease.

        Cladia Margarine is completely without cholesterol because of using vegetable oils as primary ingredients. It is also suitable for people suffer from high level of blood cholesterol.